How to tie a Full Windsor – and why you should bother

Posted by munkey on March 19th, 2011
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Even though work has become more casual and many workplaces are now having “dress down Friday” the art of tying a proper tie seems to be getting lost. There are of course many different knots to choose from but for ease of tying and impact the full windsor is the way to go. 

So why bother? Isn’t it fiddly and unnecessary? Well, no. It’s not really any more difficult than the standard Half Windsor that people seem to prefer, but why not make the extra effort. It is more symmetrical, neater, and packs more of an impact than it’s half brother and after a little practice you’ll wonder why you didn’t put the extra effort in from day one.

For detailed instructions complete with a video you should check out:

This really is a lost man-skill which needs reviving. Why not start now and you’ll be glad you did next time you interview, attend a wedding or want to impress a lady at a fancy restaurant.

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