Top 5 Geek TShirts

Posted by munkey on March 18th, 2011

Geek tshirts are a must, and while not all of us want to take wardrobe advice from Sheldon of Big Bang Theory fame. There are some classic geek shirts out there that are a little more amusing than the average “I <3 my Geek”.

Here are my top 5 in no particular order

aliceAmerican McGee’s Alice

A Fantastic Hi-Res Image of a classic heroine from “American McGee’s” twisted take on a fairy-tale character. If ever there was a better alternative to ‘pin-up’ tshirts this is it.

Added Bonus: respect from those in the know



The duality between matter and speed summed up in one elegant equation. While other equations might have fancy symbols or require a maths degree to see their inner beauty, this one is as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.

Added Bonus: Nice Typography




Mad Scientist invents an easy way for people to have super powers! what could possibly go wrong… Show your support for Plasmids! Why wait for evolution?

Added Bonus: Awesome Retro Style

£10.99 Jinx!



A little controversial perhaps but who doesn’t love fish with legs? Plus evolution makes a lot of sense. Well done Darwin!

Added Bonus: You’ll never be stuck for conversation




Periodic Naughtiness

Tee Hee! it’s a rude word! Feed your evil streak with this shirt which while being very rude indeed, is safe for Sunday dinner with Grandma.

Added Bonus: French Connection Pah!


American McGee’s Alice – Alice Standing T Shirt

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