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The Life Cycle of Stars

GCSE Physics requires student to be able to describe the different stages in a Star’s lifecycle. I found very few good resources on this subject, as most seem a little dated and don’t really tell it as a story. With the introduction of the 6 Mark (QWC) questions in the new spec, this is important [...]


GCSE Science 6 Mark Questions

The new GCSE specs for both AQA and Edexcel include a 6 Mark question in which students are marked on their ‘Quality of Written Communication’ (QWC) Often students struggle with these question for several reasons: Content – students lack proper understanding of the content Structure – students find it difficult to structure their answers in [...]


Top 5 Geek TShirts

Geek tshirts are a must, and while not all of us want to take wardrobe advice from Sheldon of Big Bang Theory fame. There are some classic geek shirts out there that are a little more amusing than the average “I <3 my Geek”. Here are my top 5 in no particular order American McGee’s [...]